Bell TH-76A Registrations

US Army TH-67A Creek was the Bell 206-B3 trainer helicopter, of which 154 were built in Bell's Canadian plant and operated with civil regs.

First batch, in c/n (5101/5237) order: N67001, N67014, N67025, N67041, N67053, N67091, N67094, N67099, N67110/67111, N67113, N67118, N67130, N67146/67148, N67170, N67172, N67176, N67183/67184, N67219, N67221, N67231, N67234/67235, N67242, N67258/67259, N67265/67266, N67269, N67273, N67279, N67301, N67323, N67328, N67330, N67337/67338, N67346/67348, N67356, N67363, N67374, N67409, N67411, N67428/67429, N67432, N67442, N67446, N67455, N67457, N67470, N67472, N67476, N67488, N67497/67498, N67509, N67514, N67516, N67522, N67525, N67534, N67554, N67561, N67566, N67569, N67572, N67578, N67580, N67599, N67605/67606, N67609, N67620, N67622, N67632, N67641, N67644, N67656, N67659, N67662, N67665/67666, N67669/67670, N67675, N67678, N67707, N67715, N67724/67725, N67737, N67743/67745, N67748, N67751, N67761, N67767, N67773, N67777, N67784, N67804, N67814, N67817, N67830, N67833, N67841, N67848, N67857, N67862, N67872/67874, N67876, N67880, N67882, N67907/67908, N67915, N67919, N67937, N67939, N67950, N67952, N67956, N67960/67962, N67968, N67976, N67978.

Second batch, in c/n (5268/5284) order: N91637, N61528, N54331, N98766, N91763, N76544, N74678, N48552, N58765, N78906, N79987, N77766, N75454, N65231, N69875, N66013, N65897. (Data: Jos Heyman)