The Planes of SFBA

An inventory of aircraft registered at San Francisco Bay Airdrome from 1931 to 1940, compiled 4/6/70 by William T Larkins to accompany an article for AAHS Journal. This list likely does not reflect complete dealer inventories, which were transient in nature.

1937Aeromarine-Klemm L-25A1139178William L Eddy
1940Aeronca 50-CC-2399NC22138Lawrence W Nicholson
1937Aeronca C-2A-18568VF Myrten Johnson
1931Aeronca C-2A-84NC10318Cowles Andrus
1935Aeronca C-3A-130NC11298David A Meek
1935Aeronca C-3A-153NC11415F Myrten Johnson
1939Aeronca C-3A-545NC14659Pacific Aircraft Sales
1933Alexander Eaglerock A-4734NC6364F G Andrews
1933American Eagle 129503NC607EReed L Vowles
1934     "    "    "Leon A Warren
1931American Eaglet 2301046NC489VVarney Air Service
1937Bach 3-CT-811NC8069Pacific Aircraft Sales
1940Beechcraft 17unkunkJennison Heaton
1931Buhl CA-521NC3763D C Warren Co
1936    "    "    "Consolidated Aviation
1933Buhl LA-1106NC318YWm Meaney & C G Shone
1936Consolidated 17-2H8NC731NClementine Seaborn
1938Consolidated 20-A2NC13209Aero Equipment Co
1938Consolidated 20-A3NC13210Richard C Baldwin
1940    "    "    "S F Bay Airdrome Ltd
1935Curtiss RobinunkNC7496John A Saxon
1937Curtiss RobinunkNC797MC R Dickson
1934Curtiss Robin C-1496NC61HG B Waage & L C Miller
1934Curtiss Robin C-1596NC935KR U St John
1934Curtiss Robin 4C-1A720NC3763D C Warren Co
1932Curtiss-Wright CW-11196NC11822D C Warren Co
1931De Havilland Moth 60GM120NC919MD C Warren Co
1940Fairchild 24-C8C2602NC13291Chester R Dickson
1939Fairchild 24-C8C2638NC14397Dolores Guinther
1937Fairchild 24-C8C2668NC14796N F Banister
1937Fairchild 24-C8C2704NC15602James C Spence
1937Fairchild 24-C8E2818NC16357James C Spence
1938    "    "    "John L & William W Boggs
1938Fairchild 24G2962NC16888James C Spence
1939Fairchild 24KunkunkJennison Heaton
1939Fleet 194NC226HAndrew P Lundin
1938Fleet 229NC8617Fred Monroe & John Ratto
1933Fleet 2301NC736VHargrove Air Service
1936    "    "    "Warren J Susan
1940Fleet 2308NC743Vunknown
193?Fokker Super Universal861NC99KCoastal Air Freight
1936Fokker Super Universal870NC341NConsolidated Aviation
1931Keystone C-2H244NC64KAir Ferries Ltd
1931Keystone C-2H245NC65KAir Ferries Ltd
1936Kinner B-2100NC13791N F Banister
1936Kinner B-2148NC14927R P Bowman
1934Kinner Sportster K10NC12290R P Bowman
1935Kinner Sportster K104NC13798R P Bowman
1932Lockheed Orion 9181NC12223Varney Air Service
1932Lockheed Orion 9182NC12224Varney Air Service
1935    "    "    "Varney Speed Lines Inc
1932Lockheed Orion 9183NC12225Varney Air Service
1933Lockheed Orion 9184NC12226Varney Air Service
1933Lockheed Orion 9185NC12227Varney Air Service
1933Lockheed Orion 9186NC12228Varney Air Service
1937Lockheed Air Express 3130NC974YM Chojin & M Takemoto
1939Luscombe 8836NC20682Edwin L Sargent
1936Monocupe 70239NC7363Harlequin Flying Club
1938Monocupe 90564NC548WPacific Aircraft Sales
1939Piper J-21633NC19233E Fall & D Guinther
1940Piper J-3F2462NC21618Chester R Dickson
1938Porterfield 35-70138NC14481Pacific Aircraft Sales
1932Ryan B-1158NC7211D C Warren Co
1932Rearwin 9000-L545-SNC18751Hugh H McLeran
1936Savoia-Marchetti S-5622NC378NPacific States Airways
1937    "    "    "Morgan G Morton
1936Security Airster S-1A22NC14232Metro Air Service (F Rose)
1938    "    "    "Franklin Rose Aircraft Inc
1933Sikorsky S-39B903NC802YVarney Air Service
1933Sikorsky S-39B917NC55VVarney Air Service
1931Stearman 4-C4002NC8839Varney Air Service
1931Stearman C-3B169NC6438Varney Air Service
1933    "    "    "NC-6438 Inc
1938Stearman C-3R5034NC790HPacific Air Service
1939Stearman-Hammond Y-1S310NC15525Raymond P Bowman
1940Stinson 1057007NC21146Franklin Rose Aircraft Inc
1940Stinson 1057059NC22506Edwin L Sargent
1940Stinson 1057083NC22513Franklin Rose Aircraft Inc
1940Stinson 1057084NC22514Franklin Rose Aircraft Inc
1931Stinson S8004NC10817Varney Air Service
1931Stinson SM-7BM-3013NC10812Varney Air Service
1931Stinson SM-8A4070NC295WVarney Air Service
1931Stinson SM-8A4088NC917WVarney Air Service
1931Stinson SM-8AM-4265NC458YVarney Air Service
1936Stinson SR-6B9605NC15114Metro Air Service (F Rose)
1938Stinson SR-9B5161NC17176Franklin Rose Aircraft Inc
1937Stinson U9006NC12118Consolidated Aviation
1932Swallow906NC4363R U St John
1937Taylor J-2916NC12750J G Anwiller
1940Taylorcraft A277NC19670Connell, Conroy & Gingles
1940Taylorcraft BF1038NC21247Pacific Air Service
1936Travel Air 12-W2040NC11715E Fall & D Guinther
1937Travel Air 16-KK-2004NC11715Emmett Fall
1940    "    "    "Chester R Dickson
1934Travel Air 2000868NC9087NC-6438 Inc
1932Travel Air A-6000A1078NC9913Overland Airways Ltd
1937Travel Air A-6000A1095NC9974E Fall & D Guinther
1931Travel Air A-6000A2003NC377MD C Warren Co
1932    "    "    "Overland Airways Ltd
1934Travel Air D-4000unkNC607HD C Warren Co
1931Travel Air D-4000515NC5426D C Warren Co
1940Travel Air W-40001271NC359MPacific Aircraft Sales
1931Viking Kittyhawk B-419NC35VVarney Air Service
1935Waco BSOA-145NC940HW F Meaney & E Joaquin
1939Waco CabinunkunkIvor Witney
1938Waco CJC4222NC14129Pacific Air Service
1936Waco GXE920NC1963Walter H Morrison
1932Waco QCF3556NC11479Varney Air Service
1939Waco YKS-75208NC19376R P Bowman