REVISED: 7/7/08

American Air Aces of World War II and Korea

As with other research arenas, there is often disparity between sources. In a preliminary method of arrangement, until some ultimate source is found, we use an indicator: (>00?) where "kill" numbers differ. We also afford a flyer the highest of the ranks, which were transitional, at "Acehood" until proven different.

Numbers shown are confirmed aerial combat victories—there were lots of "probables" in all theaters—and in some instances these might include planes destroyed on the ground. Numbers represent victories only during WW2 by the US military, plus the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China and partial service with the RAF. Fractional numbers are the result of shared victories.

In the China-Burma-India theater and the 8th Air Force, aircraft destroyed on the ground were officially credited as "kills" just as if they had fallen in aerial combat. In the European, North African, and Pacific theaters, they were not credited, and they were numerous. Therefore, to isolate those, plus Korean and other wars, from aerial victories, they are shown parenthetically with a plus sign (+)—add them to the total if this is your own preference.

The Navy Department has never officially compiled or issued a list of "Aces." During WW2, the war period with the largest number of aerial shoot-downs for naval flyers, the Navy did not keep an overall record of individual scores in aerial combat; hence, there is no official list of confirmed victories.

An asterisk denotes killed in action. Medal of Honor recipients are shown in bold type.


40	Richard I Bong, Maj USAAF

38	Thomas B McGuire Jr, Maj USAAF*

34	David S McCampbell, Cdr USN

28	Gregory Boyington, LtCol USMC (incl 6 with AVG)
28	Francis D Gabreski, LtCol USAAF (+ 2.5 ground, + 6.5 in Korea)
28	Robert S Johnson, Capt USAAF

27	Charles H MacDonald, Col USAAF

26.83	George E Preddy Jr, Maj USAAF* (+ 5 ground) (NOTE 1)
26	Joseph J Foss, Maj USMC (incl 6 with AVG)

25	Robert M Hanson, 1Lt USMC*

24	Cecil E Harris, LtCdr USN
24	John C Meyer, LtCol USAAF (+ 13 ground, + 2 in Korea)

23	Donald S Gentile, Capt USAAF (+ 7 ground, incl 2 with RAF)
23	John C Herbst, Col USAAF
23	Eugene A Valencia, LtCdr USN

22.6	Ray S Wetmore, Capt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
22.5	David C Schilling, Col USAAF (+ 10.5 ground)
22	Gerald R Johnson, LtCol USAAF
22	Neel E Kearby, Col USAAF*
22	Jay T Robbins, Maj USAAF

21.5	Fred J Christensen, Capt USAAF
21	John J Voll, 1Lt USAAF
21	Kenneth A Walsh, Capt USMC

20.75	Walker M Mahurin, LtCol USAAF (+ 3.5 in Korea)
20	Donald N Aldrich, Capt USMC
20	Thomas J Lynch, LtCol USAAF*
20	Robert B Westbrook, LtCol USAAF*

19.3	Duane W Beeson, Maj USAAF (+ 4.8 ground)
19	Glenn E Duncan, 1Lt USAAF (+ 7.8 ground)
19	Patrick Fleming, LtCdr USN
19	John L Smith, LtCol USMC
19	Alexander Vraciu, LtCdr USN

18.5	Marion E Carl, Maj USMC
18.5	Leonard K Carson, Maj USAAF (+ 3.5 ground)
18.5	Glenn T Eagleston, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground, + 2 in Korea)
18.5	Charles H Older, LtCol USAAF (incl 10.5 with AVG)
18.5	Wilbur J Thomas, Capt USMC
18.25	David L Hill, Col USAAF (incl 12.25 with AVG)
18	Walter C Beckham, Maj USAAF
18	Arthur J Benko, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
18	John T Godfrey, Capt USAAF (+ 18 ground)
18	Herschel H Green, Maj USAAF

17.75	Hubert Zemke, Col USAAF (+ 8.5 ground)
17.5	John B England, Capt USAAF (+ 1 ground)
17.5	William N Reed, Maj USAAF* (incl 10.5 with AVG)
17.25	John F Thornell, 1Lt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
17.2	Henry W Brown, Capt USAAF (+ 14.5 ground)
17	Robert W Foy, Maj USAAF (+ 3 ground)
17	Gerald W Johnson, LtCol USAAF
17	Ira C Kepford, Lt USN
17	Charles R Stimpson (or Stimson), Lt USN
17	James H Varnell, Capt USAAF

16.5	Gordon B Compton, Maj USAAF (+ 15 ground)
16.5	Ralph K Hofer, 1Lt USAAF* (+ 14 ground)
16.5	James E Swett, Maj USMC
16.25	Clarence E Anderson, Capt USAAF (+ 1 ground)
16	Douglas Baker, Lt USN*
16	William Harris, LtCol USAAF
16	Robert H Neale, Vice Sqn Ldr AVG
16	George S Welch, Maj USAAF

15.5	Donald M Beerbower, Capt USAAF*
15.5	Donald J Blakeslee, Col USAAF (+ 1.5 ground, incl 3 with RAF)
15.5	Richard A Peterson, Maj USAAF (+ 3.5 ground)
15.5	William T Whisner Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
15	Jack T Bradley, Maj USAAF
15	Samuel J Brown, Capt USAAF
15	Edward Cragg, Maj USAAF*
15	William D Dunham, Maj USAAF
15	James A Goodson, Maj USAAF (+ 13 ground)
15	Cyril F Homer, Maj USAAF
15	Cornelius N Nooy, Lt USN
15	Harold L Spears, Capt USMC*

14.84	Donald H Bochkay, Capt USAAF
14.5	John D Landers, LtCol USAAF (+ 20 ground)
14.5	Joseph H Powers Jr, Capt USAAF*
14	Bruce W Carr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 10 ground)
14	Robert C Curtis, Maj USAAF
14	Kenneth H Dahlberg, Capt USAAF
14	Robert M DeHaven, Capt USAAF
14	Archie G Donahue, Maj USMC
14	Wallace N Emmer, Capt USAAF*
14	John F Hampshire, Capt USAAF* --(>13?)
14	Arthur R Hawkins, Lt USN
14	Arthur F Jeffrey, LtCol USAAF
14	Edward O McComas, LtCol USAAF
14	Elbert S McCuskey, Cdr USN
14	Daniel R Rehm Jr, Ltjg USN
14	Daniel T Roberts Jr, Maj USAAF*
14	John L Wirth, Lt USN

13.5	George C Duncan, Cdr USN
13.5	Roger W Mehle, Capt USN
13.5	Donald J Strait, Maj USAAF
13.4	George Carpenter, Maj USAAF (+ 4 ground)
13.34	Donald S Bryan, Capt USAAF
13	James L Brooks, 2Lt USAAF
13	Daniel A Carmichael Jr, LtCdr USN
13	James N Cupp, Maj USMC
13	Clyde B East, 1Lt USAAF
13	Robert E Galer, LtCol USMC
13	Bruce K Holloway, Col USAAF
13	John P Hwang, Maj USAAF
13	William P Marontate, 1Lt USMC*
13	Willard W Millikan, Capt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
13	Glennon T Moran, 1Lt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
13	Harry A Parker, Capt USAAF*
13	Roy W Rushing, Lt USN
13	Edward O Shaw, Capt USMC*
13	Robert W Stephens, Capt USAAF
13	John R Strane, Cdr USN
13	Wendell V Twelves, Lt USN
13	Felix D Williamson, Capt USAAF

12.5	Lowell K Brueland, Maj USAAF (+ 2 in Korea)
12.5	Kenneth D Frazier, Capt USMC
12.5	James C Stewart, Maj USAAF (+ 1 ground)
12.33	Quince L Brown, Maj USAAF (+ 2 ground)
12.33	James H Howard, Col USAAF (incl 6.3 with AVG)
12	Michael Brezas, Capt USAAF
12	Levi R Chase, Maj USAAF
12	Clement M Craig, Cdr USN
12	David B Eastham, Capt USAAF
12	Loren Dale Everton, Maj USMC
12	George W Gleason, Capt USAAF (+ 2.5 ground)
12	Leroy E Harris, Cdr USN
12	Coatsworth B Head Jr, Capt USAAF*
12	Roger R Hedrick, Cdr USN
12	William E Henry, Cdr USN
12	Howard D Hively, Maj USAAF (+ 2.5 ground)
12	Kenneth G Ladd, Capt USAAF
12	William J Masoner Jr, Lt USN
12	Pierce W McKennon, Maj USAAF (+ 9.7 ground)
12	Robert W Moore, Capt USAAF
12	Edward H O'Hare, LtCdr USN*
12	Robin Olds, Maj USAAF (+ 11 ground, + 4 in Vietnam)
12	Michael J Quirk, Maj USAAF (+ 5 ground)
12	LeRoy A Schreiber, Maj USAAF* (+ 2 ground)
12	Harold E Segal, Capt USMC
12	James A Shirley, Lt USN
12	Norman C Skogstad, 1Lt USAAF
12	William J Sloan, 2Lt USAAF
12	Eugene A Trowbridge, Maj USMC
12	Richard E Turner, Capt USAAF (incl 2 V-1 rockets) --(>11?)
12	James A Watkins, Capt USAAF
12	Richard L West, Capt USAAF

11.84	Nicholas Megura, Capt USAAF (+ 3.8 ground)
11.5	George R Carr, Lt USN
11.5	James A Clark Jr, Col USAAF (+ 4.5 ground)
11.5	Paul A Conger, Maj USAAF
11.5	Olin E Gilbert, LtCol USAAF
11.5	William T Halton, LtCol USAAF (+ 2 ground)
11.5	John A Kirla, 1Lt USAAF (+ 0.5 ground)
11.5	William N Snider, Capt USMC
11.5	Charles E Yeager, Capt USAAF
11.3	Louis H Norley, Maj USAAF (+ 5 ground)
11.2	Philip C DeLong, Capt USMC (+ 2 in Korea)
11	Frederick E Bakutis, Cdr USN
11	Harold W Bauer, LtCol USMC*
11	John T Blackburn, LtCdr USN
11	William A Dean Jr, Cdr USN
11	Carl M Frantz, 1Lt USAAF
11	James B French, Lt USN
11	Robert J Goebel, 2Lt USAAF
11	Phillip L Kirkwood, Ltjg USN
11	John B Lawler, 1Lt USAAF
11	Francis J Lent, 1Lt USAAF
11	William L Leverette, LtCol USAAF
11	John S Loisel, LtCol USAAF
11	Wayne L Lowry, 1Lt USAAF
11	Charles M Mallory, LtCdr USN
11	Charles M McCorkle, Col USAAF
11	Norman L McDonald, Capt USAAF
11	Hamilton McWhorter III, LtCdr USN
11	John W Mitchell, LtCol USAAF (+ 4 in Korea)
11	Leland P Molland, 1Lt USAAF
11	James V Reber Jr, Ltjg USN
11	Elmer W Richardson, Capt USAAF --(>8?)
11	Robert H Riddle, 2Lt USAAF
11	James F Rigg, LtCdr USN
11	Donald E Runyon, LtCdr USN
11	Donald H Sapp, Maj USMC
11	Murray Shubin, 1Lt USAAF
11	Cornelius Smith Jr, Capt USAAF
11	Kenneth C Sparks, 1Lt USAAF
11	Richard E Stanbrook, Lt USN
11	Stanley W Vejtasa, Lt USN

10.75	George T Burgard, Wing Man AVG
10.75	Frank Q O'Conner, 1Lt USAAF
10.5	Charles F Anderson Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
10.5	Marshall U Beebe, Cdr USN
10.5	George F Ceullers, LtCol USAAF
10.5	Jack E Conger, Capt USMC
10.5	George A Doersch, Capt USAAF (+ 0.5 ground)
10.5	William J Hovde, Maj USAAF (+ 2 ground, + 4 in Korea)
10.5	Kenneth A Jernstadt, Flt Ldr AVG
10.5	Raymond H Littge, Capt USAAF (+ 13 ground)
10.5	Robert L Little, Flt Ldr AVG*
10.5	Edward Rector, Maj USAAF (incl 6.5 with AVG)
10.5	Russell E Reiserer, Lt USN
10.5	Armistead B Smith Jr, Lt USN
10.5	John A Storch, LtCol USAAF (+ 1.5 ground)
10.5	John C Symmes, Lt USN
10.5	William L Turner, Maj USAAF
10.5	John V Newkirk, Sqn Ldr AVG*
10.4	Robert E Murray, Lt USN
10.3	Ralph E Elliott, Lt USN
10.3	Fred W Glover, Maj USAAF (+ 12.5 ground)
10.25	William D McGarry, Wing Man AVG
10	Robert H Anderson,  Lt USN
10	Robert W Aschenbrenner, Maj USAAF
10	Frank B Baldwin, Capt USMC
10	Wayne K Blickenstaff, Capt USAAF
10	Joseph E Broadhead, Maj USAAF
10	Carl A Brown Jr, Lt USN
10	Thaddeus T Coleman, LtCdr USN
10	James J England, Maj USAAF
10	William K Giroux, Capt USAAF
10	Walter J Goehausen Jr, 2Lt USAAF
10	Ernest A Harris, Capt USAAF*
10	Alwin M Juchheim, Capt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
10	Herbert H Long, Maj USMC
10	Edward E Lines, 1Lt USAAF
10	Thomas H Mann Jr, Capt USMC
10	Joseph L Mansker, 1Lt USAAF
10	Harris E Mitchell, Lt USN
10	Steve N Pisanos, Maj USAAF
10	Robert J Rankin, 1Lt USAAF
10	Thomas H Reidy, LtCdr USN
10	Andrew J Reynolds, Capt USAAF
10	Albert L Schlegel, Capt USAAF* (+ 5 ground) --(>8.5?)
10	Robert L Scott Jr, Col USAAF
10	Arthur Singer Jr, Lt USN
10	John M Smith, Ltjg USN
10	Paul M Stanch, Capt USAAF
10	Elliot Summer, Maj USAAF
10	James S Swope, Cdr USN
10	Robert V Westermark, 1Lt USAAF
10	Sydney S Woods, LtCol USAAF

 9.5	Fletcher E Adams, Capt USAAF*
 9.5	Ernest E Bankey Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 8 ground)
 9.5	Leonard J Check, LtCdr USN
 9.5	Ernest C Fiebelkorn, Capt USAAF (+ 2 ground) --(>9?)
 9.5	Dale F Spencer, 1Lt USAAF (+ 0.5 ground)
 9.33	Robert C Coats, LtCdr USN
 9.25	Charles R Bond, Flt Ldr AVG
 9	Stephen W Andrew, Maj USAAF (+ 6.5 ground)
 9	William M Banks, Maj USAAF
 9	Edgar R Bassett, Ens USN*
 9	Norman R Berree, Lt USN
 9	William R Beyer, Capt USAAF
 9	George E Bostwick, Maj USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 9	Mark K Bright, Lt USN*
 9	Paul D Buie, Cdr USN
 9	Henry A Carey Jr, Lt USN
 9	Frederick F Champlin, Capt USAAF
 9	Frank J Collins, Capt USAAF --(>8?)
 9	William M Collins Jr, Cdr USN
 9	Richard L Cormier, Lt USN
 9	Louis E Curdes, Capt USAAF
 9	Perry A Dahl, Capt USAAF
 9	James B Dalglish, 1Lt USAAF (incl 3 V-1 rockets)
 9	Jefferson J DeBlanc, Capt USMC
 9	Richard W Dunkin, 1Lt USAAF
 9	Richard T Eastmond, Lt USN
 9	Robert A Elder, Maj USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 9	Eugene H Emmons, 1Lt USAAF
 9	Grover E Fanning, Capt USAAF
 9	Edward L Feightner, Ltjg USN
 9	Sylvan Feld, 1Lt USAAF
 9	Joseph M Forester, Maj USAAF
 9	Marvin J Franger, Ltjg USN
 9	Doris C Freeman, Ltjg USN
 9	Kenneth W Gallup, LtCol USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 9	Thomas S Harris, Lt USN
 9	Frederick R Haviland Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 9	Allen E Hill, Maj USAAF
 9	Frank D Hurlburt, FO USAAF
 9	George C Kiser, LtCol USAAF
 9	Joseph J Lesicka, Capt USAAF
 9	Christopher L Magee, Capt USMC
 9	Louis A Menard Jr, LtCdr USN
 9	Virgil K Meroney, Capt USAAF
 9	Stanley B Morrill, 1Lt USAAF
 9	Edmund F Overend, Maj USMC (5 with AVG)
 9	Lloyd J Overfield, 1Lt USAAF
 9	Joel B Paris III, Capt USAAF
 9	Harvey P Picken, Lt USN
 9	Eugene D Redmond, Lt USN
 9	Eugene P Roberts, Capt USAAF
 9	Meryl M Smith, Col USAAF
 9	Robert T Smith, Flt Ldr AVG
 9	James S Stewart, Lt USN
 9	John S Stewart, Capt USAAF
 9	Franklin C Thomas Jr, Capt USMC
 9	Arthur Van Haren Jr, Lt USN
 9	Benjamin F Warmer, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 9	Robert H White, Capt USAAF
 9	Judge E Wolfe, Capt USAAF

 8.75	Charles E Watts, Lt USN
 8.5	John L Banks, Ltjg USN
 8.5	William E Bryan Jr, Maj USAAF
 8.5	James B Cain, Ltjg USN
 8.5	Charles J Cesky, Capt USAAF
 8.5	Oscar I Chenoweth, Lt USN
 8.5	Frank A Cutler, Capt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 8.5	Robert A Dibb, Lt USN*
 8.5	Carl C Foster, Ens USN
 8.5	John F Gray, Lt USN
 8.5	Everett G Hargreaves, Ltjg USN
 8.5	Thomas L Hayes Jr, LtCol USAAF
 8.5	John H Hoefker, Capt USAAF
 8.5	Otto D Jenkins, 2Lt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 8.5	Arthur G Johnson, Capt USAAF
 8.5	Frank L Lawlor, Wing Man AVG
 8.5	Gregory K Loesch, Capt USMC*
 8.5	Carl J Luksic, 1Lt USAAF (+ 7 ground)
 8.5	Donald McDowell, 1Lt USAAF
 8.5	Bernard J McGrattan, Capt USAAF
 8.5	Sanford K Moats, Capt USAAF
 8.5	John L Morgan Jr, Capt USMC*
 8.5	George W Pigman, Lt USN
 8.5	Claude W Plant, Ltjg USN*
 8.5	Larry R Self, Ltjg USN
 8.25	Franklin T Gabriel, Lt USN
 8.25	George B McMillan, LtCol USAAF (+ 1 ground)

 8	John M Ainlay, 1Lt USAAF --(7?)
 8	John R Alison, LtCol USAAF
 8	David W Allen, Capt USAAF
 8	Frederick A Bardshar, Cdr USN
 8	Lloyd G Barnard, Lt USN
 8	Walter G Benz Jr, Maj USAAF
 8	William J Bonneau, Lt/Cdr USN
 8	Robert J Booth, 1Lt USAAF
 8	Roy O Burnett Jr, Lt USN
 8	Walter J Carroll Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 8	William N Case, Capt USMC
 8	J D Collinsworth, 1Lt USAAF  --(>6?) 
 8	Arthur W Cruikshank, Maj USAAF
 8	Fernley H Damstrom, 1Lt USAAF
 8	John F Dobbin, LtCol USMC
 8	Landis E Doner, Lt USN
 8	Frederick J Dorsch, Capt USAAF
 8	Walter F Duke, Capt USAAF
 8	William C Edens, 1Lt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 8	John L Elder, LtCol USAAF (+ 13 ground)
 8	Eric A Evenson, Lt USN
 8	Arthur C Fiedler Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 8	Francis M Fleming, Ltjg USN
 8	James M Fowle, Capt USAAF
 8	William A Gardner, Capt USAAF
 8	Frank Gaunt, Capt USAAF  --(>7?)
 8	Francis R Gerard, Capt USAAF
 8	Clement D Gile, Lt USN
 8	Maxwell H Glenn, Maj USAAF (+ 3 ground) --(>5?) 
 8	Mathew M Gordon, 1Lt USAAF
 8	Richard J Griffin, Lt USN
 8	Leroy V Grosshuesch, 1Lt USAAF
 8	Fred E Gutt, Capt USMC
 8	Mayo A Hadden Jr, Lt USN
 8	Frederick A Harris, Capt USAAF
 8	Kenneth F Hart, Capt USAAF
 8	Edwin J Herman (or Hernan) Jr, Capt USMC
 8	George L Hollowell, Maj USMC
 8	Jack E Ilfrey, Capt USAAF
 8	Michael J Jackson, Maj USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 8	Byron M Johnson, Ltjg USN
 8	John M Johnson, Lt USN
 8	John L Jones, Capt USAAF
 8	Claiborne H Kinnard, Col USAAF (+ 17 ground)
 8	Charles M Kunz, Maj USMC
 8	William N Leonard, Lt USN
 8	William H Lewis, Capt USAAF
 8	Elvin L Lindsay, Lt USN
 8	Thomas E Maloney, 1Lt USAAF --(>7?)
 8	William R Maxwell, Lt USN
 8	Earl May Jr, Lt USN
 8	Johnnie G Miller, Lt USN
 8	William W Momyer, LtCol USAAF
 8	Douglas W Mulcahey, Lt USN
 8	Alva C Murphy, Capt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 8	Joseph L Narr, Lt USMC
 8	George P Novotny, 1Lt USAAF
 8	John G O'Neill, Capt USAAF
 8	Edward M Owen, Lt USN
 8	Nathan T Post, LtCol USMC
 8	Luther D Prater Jr, Lt USN
 8	Edward F Roddy, Capt USAAF
 8	Robert R Rowland, Col USAAF
 8	Philip Sangermano, FO USAAF
 8	Charles W Sawyer, Maj USAAF (incl 2.25 with AVG)
 8	Glenn D Schlitz, Capt USAAF
 8	David A Scott, Ltjg USN --(>9?)
 8	Dale E Shafer Jr, LtCol USAAF
 8	Robert M Shaw, 1Lt USAAF
 8	William A Shomo, Capt USAAF
 8	Robert H Smith, Capt USAAF
 8	Gordon A Stanley, Ltjg USN
 8	Arland Stanton, Maj USAAF
 8	John L Sublett, Maj USAAF
 8	James B Tapp, Maj USAAF
 8	Philip E Tovrea, 1Lt USAAF
 8	James O Tyler, Capt USAAF
 8	John W Vogt Jr, Maj USAAF
 8	Boyd D Wagner, Maj USAAF (first US ace in WW2)
 8	Victor E Warford, Maj USAAF
 8	Arthur T Warner, Maj USMC
 8	Charles E Weaver, Capt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 8	Theodore H Winters Jr, Lt USN
 8	Donald K Yost, LtCol USMC

 7.83	Joseph L Lang, Capt USAAF
 7.83	Everett W Stewart, Col USAAF
 7.5	Howard M Burriss, Ltjg USN*
 7.5	Darrell S Cramer, Maj USAAF
 7.5	Kenneth J Dahms, Ens USN
 7.5	Glendon V Davis, Capt USAAF
 7.5	Ralph H Davis, Lt USN
 7.5	Edward E Hunt, 2Lt USAAF
 7.5	Dale E Karger, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 7.5	William M Knight, Lt USN*
 7.5	George M Lamb, Maj USAAF
 7.5	Charles W Lasko, Capt USAAF
 7.5	John H Lowell, LtCol USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 7.5	Henry J Miklajoyk, Capt USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 7.5	Myrvin E Noble, Ltjg USN
 7.5	Paul O'Mara, Lt USN
 7.5	Frederick R Payne Jr, LtCol USMC	
 7.5	Elwyn G Righetti, LtCol USAAF (+ 27 ground)
 7.5	Albert O Vorse, Cdr USN
 7.5	Malcolm T Wordell, Cdr USN
 7.33	Vermont Garrison, Maj USAAF (+ 10 in Korea)
 7.33	Samuel B Hibbard, LtCdr USN
 7.33	James M Morris, Capt USAAF (+ 2.8 ground)
 7.25	William E Bartling, Wing Man AVG
 7.25	Robert E Goodnight, 1Lt USAAF
 7.25	Albert J Pope, Lt USN
 7.25	Melvin M Pritchard, Lt USN
 7	Burnell W Adams, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Calvin D Allen Jr, Maj USAAF
 7	William Y Anderson, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Percy R Bartelt, Flt Ldr AVG
 7	Robert M Baker, Maj USMC
 7	Hugh N Batten, Lt USN
 7	Robert H Becker, Maj USAAF
 7	Samuel V Blair, Capt USAAF
 7	Arthur R Brassfield, Lt USN
 7	John G Bright, LtCol USAAF (incl 6 with AVG)*
 7	Robert H Brown, 2Lt USAAF
 7	William P Brown, Lt USMC
 7	James W Browning, Capt USAAF
 7	Franklin N Burley, Ltjg USN
 7	Dean Caswell, Lt USMC
 7	Philip G Chapman, Maj USAAF*
 7	Lawrance A Clark, Lt USN
 7	Robert A Clark, Lt USN
 7	Thomas J Conroy, Lt USN
 7	Paul Cordray, Lt USN
 7	William E Crowe, Capt USMC
 7	Claude J Crenshaw, 1Lt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 7	Daniel G Cunningham, Lt USN
 7	George H Davidson, Lt USN
 7	George A Davis Jr, Maj USAAF* (+ 14 in Korea)
 7	Zachary W Dean, Capt USAAF
 7	John W Dear, Ltjg USN
 7	Paul P Douglas, LtCol USAAF
 7	Irwin H Dregne, Col USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 7	John S Dunaway, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Frederick L Duncan, Lt USN
 7	Robert W Duncan, LtCdr USN
 7	Herbert Eckard, Lt USN
 7	Vincent T Elliott, Capt USAAF
 7	Alred J Fecke, Lt USN
 7	Edwin O Fisher, Capt USAAF
 7	Jack A Fisk, Capt USAAF
 7	Frank E Foltz, Lt USN
 7	Dwaine R Franklin, Capt USAAF
 7	John M Franks, Ltjg USN
 7	Robert M Fry, Capt USAAF
 7	Earl M Fryer, Capt USAAF
 7	Harold N Funk, LtCdr USN
 7	John R Galvin, Lt USN
 7	Donald Gordon, Lt USN
 7	Gordon M Graham, LtCol USAAF (+ 9.5 ground)
 7	Marvin E Grant, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Joseph H Griffin, Maj USAAF
 7	Roger A Haberman, Capt USMC
 7	Henry B Hamilton, WO USMC*
 7	Willis E Hardy, Ltjg USN
 7	Archibald A Harrington, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Frank C Heath, Ltjg USN*
 7	William J Hennon, Capt USAAF
 7	Frank A Hill, Maj USAAF
 7	Harry E Hill, Lt USN
 7	John J Hockery, Capt USAAF (+ 1 in Korea)
 7	Willie O Jackson Jr, LtCol USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 7	Gilbert L Jamison, Capt USAAF
 7	Robert H Jennings Jr, Lt USN
 7	Alvin J Jensen, Lt USMC
 7	Verl E Jett, Maj USAAF
 7	Clarence O Johnson, 2Lt USAAF
 7	James M Jones, Lt USN
 7	William R Kane, Cdr USN
 7	Benjamin H King, Maj USAAF
 7	Claude R Kinsey, 2Lt USAAF
 7	George N Kirk, Ltjg USN
 7	Frank W Klibbe, Capt USAAF
 7	Ward A Kuentzel, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Robert A Lamb, Maj USAAF
 7	Alfred Lerch, Ens USN
 7	Warren R Lewis, Maj USAAF
 7	Lawrence P Liebers, 2Lt USAAF
 7	Stanley Lustic, 1Lt USAAF
 7	William J Maguire, Capt USAAF
 7	Armand G Manson, Lt USN
 7	Bert W Marshall Jr, Maj USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 7	Thomas G McClelland, Ltjg USN
 7	Robert W McClurg, Capt USMC
 7	Murray D McLaughlin, 1Lt USAAF
 7	John T Moore, Maj USAAF
 7	James B Morehead, Capt USAAF
 7	Bert D (Wayne) Morris Jr, Lt USN
 7	Robert C Moss, Capt USAAF (incl 4 with AVG)
 7	Gilbert M O'Brien, Capt USAAF
 7	Jeremiah J O'Keefe, Lt USMC
 7	Charles H Ostrom, Lt USN*
 7	Robert G Owens Jr, Maj USMC
 7	Elbert W Parrish, Ens USN
 7	Carl W Payne, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Joseph F Pierce, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Samuel A Pierce, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Jack Pittman Jr, Lt USMC
 7	James N Poindexter, Capt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 7	John E Purdy, Capt USAAF
 7	Francis R Register, Ltjg USN
 7	Joseph H Reinberg, Maj USMC
 7	Thomas J Rennemo, Lt USN
 7	Robert Reynolds, Capt USAAF
 7	Benjamin Rimmerman, LtCol USAAF (+ 8.5 ground)
 7	Felix M Rogers, Maj USAAF
 7	Herbert E Ross, Maj USAAF
 7	John W Ruhsam, Lt USMC
 7	Jimmie E Savage, Lt USN
 7	Frank Schiel, Flt Ldr AVG
 7	Lucien B Shuler, Capt USAAF
 7	Sam L Silber, LtCdr USN
 7	John M Simmons, Capt USAAF
 7	Warren A Skon, Lt USN
 7	Carl E Smith, Lt USN
 7	Carroll C Smith, Maj USAAF
 7	Leslie C Smith, LtCol USAAF (+ 4.5 ground)
 7	Richard E Smith, 1Lt USAAF
 7	William H Strand, Capt USAAF
 7	John S Thach, Cdr USN
 7	Franklin W Troup, Lt USN
 7	Myron M Truax, Ltjg USN
 7	John H Truluck, Capt USAAF
 7	Edward B Turner, Lt USN
 7	Gerald E Tyler, 1Lt USAAF
 7	Harley C Vaughan, Maj USAAF --(>6?)
 7	Arnold E Vinson, Capt USAAF
 7	Roy M Voris, Lt USN
 7	Robert Wade, Lt USMC (+ 1 in Korea)
 7	Edward T Waters, 2Lt USAAF
 7	John M Wesolowiski, Lt USN
 7	Wilbur B Webb, Ltjg USN
 7	Elmer Wheadon, Capt USAAF
 7	Roy E Whittaker, Maj USAAF
 7	Samuel J Wicker, Maj USAAF
 7	James W Wilkinson, Capt USAAF
 7	Bruce W Williams, Lt USN
 7	Gerard M Williams, Lt USMC
 7	Calvin C Wire, Capt USAAF
 7	John T Wolf, Ltjg USN
 7	Robert E Woody, Capt USAAF
 7	Daniel J Zoerb, 1Lt USAAF

 6.75	Leslie H Kerr, Lt USN
 6.75	John B Murphy, LtCol USAAF
 6.7	Robert K Nelson, Ens USN
 6.5	Joseph H Bennett, Capt USAAF
 6.5	Charles W Brewer, LtCdr USN*
 6.5	Johnnie J Bridges, Lt USN	
 6.5	Melvin Cozzens, Ltjg USN*
 6.5	Donald M Cummings, Capt USAAF
 6.5	Robert H Davis, Lt USN
 6.5	Joseph V Dillard, Lt USMC
 6.5	Parker S Dupouy, 1Lt USAAF (incl 4 with AVG)
 6.5	Robert P Fash, Lt USN
 6.5	James H Flatley, LtCdrUSN
 6.5	Richard E Fowler, Lt USN
 6.5	Rockford V Gray, Maj USAAF --(>6?)
 6.5	Charles H Haverland Jr, Lt USN
 6.5	James E Hoffman Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 6.5	Charles W Koenig, Capt USAAF
 6.5	Walter A Lundin, Lt USN
 6.5	Michael (or Michele) A Mazzocco, Ens USN
 6.5	Edward C McGowan Lt USN
 6.5	Mark L Moseley, Maj USAAF
 6.5	Paul A Mullen, Capt USMC
 6.5	Heyward A Paxton Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 6.5	Paul S Riley, 1Lt USAAF
 6.5	Albert C Slack, Ltjg USN
 6.5	John D Stokes, Ltjg USN
 6.5	Ray A Taylor Jr, Lt USN
 6.5	Francis A Terrill, Lt USMC --(>6.08?)
 6.5	Robert H Thelen, Lt USN
 6.5	Charles H Turner, Lt USN
 6.33	Dewey F Durnford, Capt USMC (+ 0.5 in Korea)
 6.25	John R Rossi Wing Man AVG
 6.25	Robert D Welden 1Lt USAAF
 6	Charles T Adams Jr, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Alexander L Anderson, Lt USN
 6	Wayman D Anderson, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Stanley O Andrews, 1Lt USAAF
 6	George C Axtell Jr, Maj USMC
 6	Robert Baird, Capt USMC
 6	Ellis C Baker Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	Henry W Balsinger, Ltjg USN
 6	James D Bare, Lt USN
 6	James M Barnes, Lt USN
 6	Robert L Baseler, Maj USAAF
 6	Redman C Beatley, Lt USN
 6	Paul H Beaudry, Ens USN
 6	Henry S Maj Bille, USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 6	Lawrence E Blumer, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert L Blyth, Lt USN
 6	Hampton E Boggs, Maj USAAF
 6	John F Bolt Jr, Maj USMC (+ 6 in Korea)
 6	Samuel J Brocato Jr, Ltjg USN
 6	Harley L Brown, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Meade M Brown, Capt USAAF
 6	Carland E Brunmeir, Lt USN
 6	Robert M Brunner, TSgt USAAF (gunner)
 6	George T Buck Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	William E Burckhalter, Ltjg USN*
 6	Frances X Busher, LtCdr USN
 6	Robert J Byrne, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Matthew S Byrnes Jr, Lt USN
 6	Raymond L Calloway, Maj USAAF
 6	Richard A Campbell, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Richard G Candelaria, Capt USAAF
 6	Raymond C Care, Capt USAAF
 6	Kendall E Carlson, Capt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 6	Charles H Carroll, Ltjg USN
 6	James R Carter, Maj USAAF
 6	Creighton Chandler, Lt USMC
 6	Lewis W Chick Jr, Maj USAAF
 6	Walter E Clarke, LtCdr USN
 6	Robert L Coffey Jr, LtCol USAAF
 6	Wilson (or William) M Coleman, LtCdr USN
 6	Arthur R Conant, Capt USMC
 6	Edward S Conant, Lt USN
 6	Roger W Conant, Capt USMC
 6	Walter V Cook, Capt USAAF
 6	Warren C Cooley, 1Lt USAAF
 6	William E Copeland, Ltjg USN
 6	Richard D Cowger, Lt USN
 6	Ray Crawford, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Harry L Crim, Capt USAAF
 6	Donald F Cronin, Lt USN
 6	John T Crosby, Lt USN
 6	William J Cullerton, 1Lt USAAF (+ 21 ground)
 6	Edward J Czarnecki, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Lucien A Dade Jr, LtCol USAAF (+ 6 ground) --(>5?)
 6	Merl W Davenport, Lt USN
 6	Barrie S Davis, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Cecil O Dean, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Leslie Decew, Lt USN
 6	Edwin L Degraffenreid, Capt USAAF
 6	Elliott E Dent Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	Richard O Devine, Lt USN
 6	William J Dillard, Capt USAAF
 6	Eugene Dillow, Capt USMC*
 6	Jefferson D Dorroh, Maj USMC
 6	Urban L Drew, Capt USAAF
 6	William C Drier, Maj USAAF
 6	Frank C Drury, Maj USMC
 6	Paul E Drury, Ltjg USN
 6	Hoyt A Eason, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Bryan (or Byron) Eberts, Lt USN
 6	William G Eccles, Ltjg USN
 6	Willard E Eder, Lt USN
 6	William C Edwards Jr, Lt USN
 6	Warren S Emerson, Capt USAAF
 6	Benjamin H Emmert Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 1 in Korea)
 6	Anthony J Enman (or Denman), LtCdr USN
 6	Andres J Evans Jr, LtCol USAAF
 6	Roy W Evans, Maj USAAF
 6	Lee R Everhart, Capt USAAF
 6	John W Fair, Lt USN
 6	Donald B Fisher, Capt USMC
 6	Richard H Fleischer, Capt USAAF
 6	William B Foulis, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert B Fraser, Maj USMC*
 6	William B Freeman, Lt USMC
 6	Alfred L Frendberg, Ltjg USN
 6	Alfred C Froning, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Charles S Gallup, Maj USAAF
 6	Robert L Garlich, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Roy Gillespie, Lt USN
 6	Edmund R Goss, Maj USAAF
 6	William M Gresham, Capt USAAF*
 6	Clayton K Gross, 1Lt USAAF --(>5?)
 6	Jack D Guerard, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 6	Charles F, Gumm, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Harlan I Gustafson, Lt USN
 6	Walter A Haas, Lt USN
 6	James P Hagerstrom, Maj USAAF (+ 8.5 in Korea)
 6	George F Hall, Capt USAAF
 6	Sheldon O Hall, Capt USMC
 6	Louis (or Lewis) R Hamblin, Ltjg USN
 6	Robert M Hamilton, Lt USN
 6	William F Hanes Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Eugene R Hanks, Ltjg USN
 6	Raymond F Harmeyer, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Cameron M Hart, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert P Hedman, Flt Ldr AVG
 6	Lloyd P Heinzen, Lt USN
 6	Ronald W Hoel, Lt USN
 6	Roy B Hogg, Maj USAAF
 6	James D Holloway, 2Lt USAAF --(>5?)
 6	Besby F Holmes, Capt USAAF
 6	Wallace E Hopkins, LtCol USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 6	Robert L Howard, 1Lt USAAF
 6	David W Howe, Capt USAAF
 6	Bernard H Howes, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Lloyd G Huff, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Charles W Huffman, Lt USN
 6	John C Hundley, Capt USMC
 6	Richard F Hurd, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Robert Hurst, Lt USN
 6	James C Ince, Maj USAAF
 6	Charles D Jones, Lt USMC
 6	Cyril W Jones, 1Lt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 6	Wallace R Jordan, Maj USAAF
 6	Robert A Karr, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Robert J Keen, Capt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 6	Leroy W Keith, Lt USN
 6	William T Kemp, Capt USAAF
 6	Donald D Kienholz, Capt USAAF --(>5?)
 6	William J Kingston Jr, Lt USN
 6	Kenneth B Lake, Ens USN
 6	William E Lamb, LtCdr USN (+ 1 in Korea)
 6	John H Lane, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Donald A Larson, Maj USAAF
 6	Leland A Larson, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Robert L Liles, Capt USAAF
 6	John D Lombard, Capt USAAF
 6	Martin M Lubner, Capt USAAF
 6	Paul W Lucas, Capt USAAF
 6	Mortimer Marks, Capt USAAF
 6	Richard H May, Lt USN
 6	William A McCormick, Lt USN
 6	Gordon H McDaniel, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Donald C McGee, Capt USAAF
 6	Joseph T McKeon, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert F McMahon, Capt USAAF
 6	John McManus, Lt USMC
 6	Henry Meigs III, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Adolph Mencin, Lt USN
 6	Donald W Meuten, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Armour C Miller, Capt USAAF --(>5?)
 6	Robert C Milliken, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Henry L Mills, Maj USAAF
 6	Robert Mims, Ltjg USN
 6	Henry E Mitchell, Ltjg USN
 6	George D Mobbs, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Norman W Mollard Jr, Lt USN
 6	John R Montarpert (or Montapert), Ltjg USN
 6	Horace B Moranville, Ltjg USN
 6	William C Moseley, Lt USN
 6	James D Mugavero, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert F Mulhollen, Capt USAAF
 6	Paul C Murphey Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	Fred F Ohr, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Norman E Olson, Capt USAAF
 6	John Orth, Ltjg USN
 6	Edward C Outlaw, LtCdr USN
 6	James J Pascoe, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Joseph J Paskoski, Lt USN
 6	James L Pearce, Lt USN
 6	Gilbert Percy, Capt USMC
 6	Francis E Pierce Jr, Maj USMC
 6	John Pietz Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Kenneth A Pond, Lt USMC*
 6	Tilman E Pool, Lt USN
 6	Ralston M Pound, Ltjg USN
 6	Frank H Presley, Capt USMC
 6	John F Pugh, Capt USAAF
 6	Norval R Quiel, Lt USN
 6	Leonard R Reeves, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Orval J Roberson, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Ralph J Rosen, Ltjg USN
 6	Herman J Rossi Jr, Lt USN
 6	Gerald L Rounds, 2Lt USAAF
 6	John J Sargent Jr, Ltjg USN
 6	Harrell H Scales, Lt USN
 6	Wilbur R Scheibel, Capt USAAF
 6	William J Schildt, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Robert G Schimanski, Capt USAAF
 6	Meldrum L Sears, Capt USAAF
 6	Albert Seckel Jr, Lt USN
 6	Robert W Shackford, Ltjg USN
 6	Courtney Shands, Cdr USN
 6	Hugh V Sherrill, Lt USN
 6	Ernest Shipman, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Robert L Shoup, 1Lt USAAF --(>5.5?)
 6	Perry L Shuman, Maj USMC
 6	William J Simmons, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Clinton L Smith, Lt USN
 6	Daniel F Smith Jr, LtCdr USN
 6	John C Smith, 1Lt USAAF*
 6	Nicholas J Smith III, Lt USN
 6	Robert E Smith, Capt USAAF
 6	Walter E Starck, Capt USAAF
 6	Carlton B Starkes, Lt USN
 6	James R Starnes, Maj USAAF (+ 6.5 ground)
 6	Robert F Stout, Maj USMC*
 6	Harvey W Sturdevant, Lt USN
 6	Ralph G Taylor Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	David F Thwaites, Capt USAAF
 6	Harrison R Thyng, Maj USAAF (+ 5 in Korea)
 6	Frederick W Tracey, Lt USN
 6	Grant M Turley, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Donald E Umphres, Lt USN
 6	Herbert J Valentine, Capt USMC
 6	Milton N Vedder, Lt USMC*
 6	Clinton D Vincent, Col USAAF
 6	Merriwell W Vineyard, Ltjg USN
 6	Harold E Vita, Ltjg USN
 6	Thomas H Walker, Capt USAAF
 6	Ralph H Wandrey, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert E Welch, Capt USAAF (+ 12 ground)
 6	Edward G Wendorf, Lt USN
 6	Arthur E Wenige, Capt USAAF
 6	Warren H Wesson, Capt USAAF
 6	William E Whalen, 1Lt USAAF
 6	Thomas A White, 2Lt USAAF
 6	Robert C Wilson, Ltjg USN
 6	Lynn E Witt Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	Robert C Woolverton, Ltjg USN
 6	Ellis W Wright Jr, Capt USAAF
 6	Harold Yeremain, Ens USN
 6	John A Zink, Ltjg USN
 6	Charles J Zubarik, 1Lt USAAF

 5.83	Norman J Fortier, Capt USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 5.54	Walter J Karoleski Jr, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Dudley M Amoss, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Carl G Bickel, 1Lt USAAF (incl 3 V-1 rockets)
 5.5	Hipolitus T Biel, 1Lt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 5.5	Clinton D Burdick, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Robert L Buttke, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Oscar H Coen, LtCol USAAF (incl 1.5 with RAF)
 5.5	Lawrence A Dewing, Lt USN
 5.5	E B Edwards Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Samuel W Forrer, Lt USN
 5.5	Zed D Fountain, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Frank L Gailer Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Lindol F Graham, Capt USAAF
 5.5	James S Gray, LtCdr USN
 5.5	Herman A Hansen Jr, Maj USMC
 5.5	Paul R Hatala, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Edwin L Heller, Capt USAAF (+ 16.5 ground, + 3.5 in Korea)
 5.5	William L Hood Jr, Lt USMC
 5.5	Francis H Horne, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	William B King, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Floyd C Kirkpatrick, Capt USMC
 5.5	Joseph J Kruzel, Maj USAAF
 5.5	Maurice G Long, Maj USAAF
 5.5	William L Lundin, Capt USMC
 5.5	Frank E McCauley, Capt USAAF
 5.5	William W McLachlin, Lt USN
 5.5	Michael G McPharlin, Maj USAAF (incl 1.5 with RAF)
 5.5	Leslie D Minchew, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Raymond B Myers, LtCol USAAF
 5.5	William R O'Brien, Capt USAAF
 5.5	Peter G Pompetti, 1Lt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 5.5	Glenn M Revel, Lt USN
 5.5	Robert P Ross, Lt USN
 5.5	Leroy A Ruder, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Donovan F Smith, Maj USAAF
 5.5	Frederick J Strieg, Lt USN
 5.5	William F Tanner, Capt USAAF
 5.5	William P Thayer, Lt USN
 5.5	Frederick O Trafton Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	George R Van Den Heuval, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Murray Winfield, Lt USN
 5.5	Robert P Winks, 1Lt USAAF
 5.5	Earling W Zaeske, Ltjg USN
 5.3	Bernard Dunn, Ltjg USN
 5.3	Robert J Humphrey,  Lt USN
 5.3	Thomas F Miller, 1Lt USAAF
 5.3	Wallace E Sigler, Capt USMC
 5.25	James A Bryce, Lt USN
 5.25	W B Campbell, 1Lt USAAF
 5.25	Thomas C Haywood, Flt Ldr AVG
 5.25	Robert J Sandell, Sqn Ldr AVG
 5.25	Robert H Smith, Wing Man AVG
 5.25	Robert F Thomas, Lt USN
 5.25	Walter A Wood, Ens USN*
 5.25	Millard Wooley Jr, Lt USN
 5.2	James E Duffy Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 5.2	H A Nelson, Ens USN
 5	Robert W Abernathy, Capt USAAF
 5	Fred T Ackerman, End USN
 5	Oliver L Adair, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Robert H Adams, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John W Agnew, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	William H Allen, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Stuart C Alley Jr, 2Lt USMC
 5	Ernest J Ambort, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Robert H Ammon, Capt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 5	Benjamin C Amsden, Lt USN
 5	Leslie E Anderson, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Richard H Anderson, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lester L Arasmith, Maj USAAF
 5	WIlliam E Aron, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Richard W Asbury, Capt USAAF
 5	Abner M Aust, Capt USAAF
 5	Eugene D Axtell, -- USAAF
 5	Donald A Baccus, LtCol USAAF
 5	Jack A Bade, Capt USAAF
 5	Oscar C Bailey, LtCdr USN
 5	Raphael F Baird, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Donald L Balch, Maj USMC
 5	Robert P Baldwin, Col USAAF
 5	Raymond W Bank, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Bruce M Barackman, Ltjg USN
 5	Rex T Barber, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert M Barkey, Capt USAAF
 5	Truman S Barnes, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Albert J Baumler, Maj USAAF (+ 6 in Spanish Civil War)
 5	Aaron L Bearden, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Edward H Beavers Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Louis Benne, Maj USAAF
 5	Jack S Berkheimer, Ens USN
 5	Richard L Bertelson, Lt USN
 5	James D Billo, LtCdr USN
 5	Lewis S Bishop, Flt Ldr AVG
 5	Walter D Bishop, Ltjg USN*
 5	Foster J Blair, Lt USN
 5	William K Blair, Lt USN
 5	Richard B Blaydes, Lt USN
 5	Victor E Bocquin, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John W Bolyard, Maj USAAF
 5	Robert R Bonebrake, Maj USAAF
 5	Robert R Bonner Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Guy P Bordelon, Lt USN
 5	Clarence A Borley, Lt USN
 5	Ernest O Bostrom, Capt USAAF
 5	Wilbur L Bowen, TSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Fred E Bowker, Sgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	John L Bradley, Capt USAAF
 5	Richard L Braun, Capt USMC
 5	Gerald A Brown, Capt USAAF
 5	Jasper R Brown, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Harry W Brown, Capt USAAF
 5	Paul J Bruneau, Cdr USN
 5	Robert L Buchanan, Ens USN*
 5	Robert G Burns, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert L Byrnes, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John B Carder, Capt USAAF
 5	William A Carlton, Maj USMC
 5	Nial K Castle, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Henry K Champion, Lt USN
 5	George T Chandler, Capt USAAF
 5	Van E Chandler, Maj USAAF (+ 3 in Korea)
 5	Joseph J Cielinski, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Arthur B Cleaveland, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Donald C Clements, Ltjg USN
 5	Robert E Clements, LtCdr USN
 5	Dallas A Clinger, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Vivian A Cloud, Capt USAAF
 5	Paul R Cochran, 2Lt USAAF
 5	William F Collins, Capt USAAF
 5	Philip E Colman, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 in Korea)
 5	Harold E Comstock, Maj USAAF
 5	Harry L Condon, Capt USAAF
 5	Merle M Coons, Capt USAAF
 5	Leland R Cornell, Lt USN
 5	Ralph L Cox, Maj USAAF
 5	Niven K Cranfill, Maj USAAF
 5	William F Crombie, Maj USAAF
 5	John O Cross, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Omer W Culbertson, 1Lt USAAF 
 5	Arthur C Cundy, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Randy Cunningham, -- USN
 5	Warren D Curton, 1Lt USAAF
 5	J S Daniel, 1Lt USAAF
 5	William A Daniel, Col USAAF
 5	Clarence E Davies, Ltjg USN USN
 5	Leonard K Davis, LtCol USMC
 5	George E Dawkins Jr, Capt USMC
 5	William C Day Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Richard S Deakins, 1Lt USAAF
 5	George Della, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Reuben H Denoff, LtCdr USN
 5	Frederick E Dick, Capt USAAF
 5	Michael Dikovitsky, Capt USAAF
 5	I B Donaldson, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Harry W Dorris, Maj USAAF
 5	Cecil J Doyle, Lt USMC*
 5	Charles W Drake, Lt USMC
 5	Daniel B Driscoll, Ltjg USN
 5	Willie Driscoll, -- USN
 5	Francis E Dubisher, Maj USAAF
 5	Charles H Dubois, 1Lt USAAF
 5	James E Duffy, Lt USN
 5	Richard E Duffy, 2Lt USAAF
 5	D A Duncan, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph L Egen Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Hugh M Elwood, LtCol USMC
 5	James W Empey, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lyle A Erickson, Ens USN
 5	Herman E Ernst, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Charles D Farmer, Lt USN
 5	Robert A Farnsworth Jr, Ltjg USN
 5	William Farrell, Lt USMC
 5	Richard D Faxon, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Marion C Felts, Maj USAAF
 5	James E Fenex Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 5	William Fiedler, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Virgil C Fields Jr, Maj USAAF
 5	Howard J Finn, Capt USMC
 5	Charles R Fischette, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Harry E Fisk, Maj USAAF
 5	Nelson D Flack Jr, Maj USAAF
 5	Kenneth A Flinn, Ltjg USN
 5	Ralph E Foltz, Lt USN
 5	Paul J Fontana, LtCol USMC
 5	Claude E Ford, Capt USAAF
 5	Kenneth M Ford, Capt USMC
 5	George Formanek Jr, Lt USN*
 5	Dwight B Galt, Ltjg USN
 5	Warner F Gardner, Maj USAAF
 5	Noel A Gayler, Cdr USN
 5	Steven N Gerick, Capt USAAF
 5	Grover D Ghelson, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert D Gibb, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Cyrus R Gladen, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lindley W Godson, Lt USN
 5	Norman D Gould, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Robert F Graham, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Vernon E Graham, Lt USN
 5	Hayden A Gregory, Lt USN
 5	Robert C Griffith, 2Lt USAAF
 5	William Grosvenor Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Cheatham W Gupton, Capt USAAF
 5	Albert E Hacking, Capt USMC
 5	Samuel E Hammer, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Harry T Hanna, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Christopher J Hansenman, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Walter R Harman, Lt USN
 5	Thomas L Harris, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Raymond E Hartley, Capt USAAF
 5	Herbert B Hatch, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Charles D Hauver, Capt USAAF
 5	Russell C Haworth, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Frank R Hayde, Ltjg USN
 5	Frank C Hearrell, LtCdr
 5	Charles F Held Jr, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Paul M Henderson Jr, Lt USN*
 5	Randall W Hendricks, Maj USAAF
 5	James E Hill, Maj USAAF
 5	Donald E Hillman, Maj USAAF
 5	Kenneth G Hippe, Lt USN
 5	Edwin M Hiro, Maj USAAF
 5	Myron M Hnatio, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John B Hoag, Ens USN
 5	William R Hodges, Capt USAAF
 5	Cullen J Hoffman, Capt USAAF
 5	Louis Hoffman, Flt Ldr AVG*
 5	Herbert N Houck, LtCdr USN
 5	Edward R Hoyt, Capt USAAF
 5	Mark E Hubbard, Maj USAAF
 5	Howard R Hudson, Lt USN
 5	Alvaro J Hunter, Maj USAAF
 5	Joseph W Icard, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Julius W Ireland, Maj USMC
 5	Clayton M Isaacson, Capt USAAF
 5	Hayden M Jensen, Lt USN
 5	Evan M Johnson, Capt USAAF
 5	Wallace R Johnson, Lt USN
 5	Curran L Jones, Capt USAAF
 5	Frank C Jones, Capt USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 5	Lynn F Jones, Capt USAAF
 5	Warren L Jones, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph W Jorda, 1Lt USAAF
 5	William M Julian, Maj USAAF
 5	Charles Kendrick, Lt USMC
 5	Daniel Kennedy, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert H Kidwell, Ltjg USN
 5	Melvin B Kimball, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John R Kincaid, Ltjg USN
 5	Charles W King, Maj USAAF
 5	David L King, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Marion F Kirby, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lenton F Kirkland, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert H Knapp, Capt USAAF
 5	Carroll S Knott, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Edward H Kopsel, 2Lt USAAF
 5	William J Kostic, Ens USN
 5	Wayne W Laird, Lt USMC
 5	William E Lamoreaux, Lt USN
 5	Richard C Lampe, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Willis J (or G) Laney, Lt USN
 5	Ned W Langdon, Lt USN
 5	Thomas G Lanphier, Maj USAAF
 5	Franklin C Lathrope, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Charles H Laughlin, Wing Man AVG
 5	George Laven, Capt USAAF
 5	Earl R Lazear, Capt USAAF
 5	Harold K Lee, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Richard J Lee, Capt USAAF
 5	Marlow J Leikness, Capt USAAF
 5	Charles W Lenfest, Capt USAAF
 5	Jack Lenox Jr, 2Lt USAAF
 5	John A Leppla, Ltjg USN*
 5	Alfred B Lewelling, Capt USAAF
 5	Brooks J Liles, Capt USAAF (+ 4 in Korea) --(>1.0?)
 5	Hugh D Lillie, Lt USN
 5	James W Little, Capt USAAF (+ 1 in Korea)
 5	Charles P London, Capt USAAF
 5	Donald Lopez, Capt USAAF
 5	George G Loving Jr, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John F Luma, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lowell C Lutton, 1Lt USAAF
 5	L A Maberry, Ltjg USN
 5	John A Mackay, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Morton D Magoffin, Col USAAF
 5	Keith Mahon, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Jackson C Mankin, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Lee P Mankin, Ltjg USN
 5	Harry A March Jr, Lt USN
 5	Lester C Marsh, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Albert E Martin Jr, Lt USN
 5	Kenneth R Martin, Col USAAF
 5	Joseph L Mason, Col USAAF
 5	William H Mathis, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph Z Matte, Capt USAAF
 5	Chester K Maxwell, Capt USAAF
 5	Benjamin I Mayo, Capt USAAF
 5	Paul G McArthur, 1Lt USAAF
 5	T H McArthur, Capt USAAF
 5	Henry A McCartney Jr, Capt USMC
 5	Leo B McCudden (or McCuddin), Lt USN
 5	William F McDownough, Maj USAAF
 5	James N McElroy, Capt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 5	John L McGinn, LtCol USAAF
 5	Selva E McGinty, Lt USMC
 5	Samuel E McGuffin, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John W McGuyrt, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Donald J McKinley, Lt USN
 5	George McMillan, Vice Sqn Ldr AVG
 5	Evan D MacMinn, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Donald M McPherson, Ens USN
 5	George L Merritt Jr, Maj USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 5	Frederick H Michaelis, LtCdr USN
 5	L L Middleditch, Capt USAAF
 5	Everett Miller, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph E Miller, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert C Milliken, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Charles B (or R) Milton, Lt USN
 5	Arthur P Mollenhauer, Ens USN*
 5	Franklin H Monk, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert H Moore, Capt USAAF
 5	Paul V Morriss, Capt USAAF
 5	Arthur H Munson, Lt USN
 5	Jennings S Myers, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph R Myshall, SSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Leslie D Nelson, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert J Nelson, Lt USN
 5	Franklin A Nichols, Maj USAAF
 5	Edward M Nollmeyer, Capt USAAF
 5	Marvin R Novak, Lt USN
 5	Jack G Oberhansky, LtCol USAAF
 5	Frank O'Brien Jr, TSgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Edwin L Olander, Capt USMC
 5	Austin L Olsen, Ens USN
 5	Eugene W O'Neill Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Lawrence F O'Neill, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Ernest K Osher, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert J Overcash, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Edward W Overton Jr, Lt USN
 5	Joel A Owens, Capt USAAF
 5	Melvyn R Paisley, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Forrest F Parham, Capt USAAF
 5	Edsel Paulk, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Oscar F Perdomo, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John Petach, Maj USAAF* (all 5 with AVG)
 5	David P Philips III, Lt USN
 5	Edward A Phillips, Lt USN
 5	Hyde Phillips, Maj USMC
 5	Kenneth R Pool, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Edward S Popek, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Robert B Porter, 1Lt USMC
 5	George H Poske, Maj USMC*
 5	Ernest A Powell, Capt USMC
 5	Macarthur Powers, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Jack C Price, Maj USAAF
 5	Royce W Priest, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Roger C Pryor, Maj USAAF
 5	Donald L Quigley, Maj USAAF
 5	Robert J Raines, Capt USAAF (incl 3 with AVG)
 5	Orvin H Ramlo, Capt USMC
 5	C B Ray, Capt USAAF
 5	WIlliam C Reese, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Joseph E Reulet, Ltjg USN
 5	Thomas W Rhodes, Lt USN
 5	Vincent A Rieger, Lt USN
 5	Alden Rigby, 1Lt USAAF (+ ground) (retro-award 2006)
 5	Andrew Ritchey, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Newell O Roberts, Capt USAAF
 5	Leroy W Robinson, Ens USN
 5	Ross F Robinson, Ens USN
 5	Franklin Rose, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Gerald L Rounds, Maj USAAF
 5	Henry S Rudolph, 1Lt USAAF
 5	William A Rynne, Capt USAAF
 5	Hartwell V Scarborough, Capt USMC
 5	Thomas D Schank, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Gordon E Schecter, Cdr USN
 5	John L Schell, Ltjg USN
 5	Raymond Scherer, Capt USMC
 5	James F Schilke, Capt USAAF
 5	Louis Schriber, Capt USAAF
 5	Duerr H Schuh, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert B Schultz, Capt USAAF
 5	Harry H Sealey, Capt USAAF
 5	Alexander F Sears, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert B See, Capt USMC
 5	Robert K Seidman, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Charles A Shields, Lt USN
 5	Lester H Sipes, Ltjg USN
 5	Frank Sistrunk, Lt USN
 5	Jack R Smith, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Kenneth B Smith, Capt USAAF
 5	Kenneth D Smith, Lt USN
 5	Paul A Smith, 1Lt USAAF (incl 1 V-1 rocket)
 5	Virgil H Smith, 1Lt USAAF*
 5	Irl V Sonner Jr, Ltjg USN*
 5	James J Southerland, LtCdr USN
 5	Clyde P Spitler, Lt USN
 5	William J Stangel, Capt USAAF
 5	Morris A Stanley, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Edgar E Stebbins, Cdr USN
 5	Edward J Stefanski, Sgt USAAF (gunner)
 5	Raymond D Stehle, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Carl V Stone, Lt USN
 5	Johnnie C Strange, Lt USN
 5	Richard C Suehr, Capt USAAF
 5	Charles P Sullivan, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert C Sutcliffe, 1Lt USAAF
 5	John F Sutherland, LtCdr USN
 5	John F Swinburne Jr, Lt USN
 5	William J Sykes, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 5	Stanley Synar, Capt USMC
 5	Oliver B Taylor, Col USAAF
 5	William W Taylor, Lt USN
 5	Robert D Thompson, 2Lt USAAF
 5	Robert E Tierney, 2Lt USAAF (incl 1 V-1 rocket)
 5	John A Tilley, Capt USAAF
 5	Edward W Toaspern, Ltjg USN
 5	John W Topliff, Lt USN
 5	Harrison B Tordoff, Capt USAAF
 5	Ross E Torkelson, Lt USN*
 5	Eugene P Townsend, Lt USN
 5	Clifton H Troxell, Maj USAAF
 5	Peter J Van Der Linden, Lt USN
 5	Rudolph D Van Dyke, Lt USN
 5	Robert H Vaught Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Herman W Visscher, 2Lt USAAF (+1 in Korea)
 5	John E Vogt, Capt USAAF
 5	Horace Q Waggoner, Capt USAAF (+ 7.5 ground)
 5	Walter B Walker Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Lyttleton T Ward, Lt USN
 5	Jack R Warren, Capt USAAF
 5	Ralph J Watson, Maj USAAF
 5	Oran S Watts, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Sidney W Weatherford, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Willard J Webb, Maj USAAF
 5	Gregory J Weissenberger, LtCol USMC
 5	Darrell G Welch, Capt USAAF
 5	Albert P Welles, Lt USMC
 5	Robert G West, Lt USN
 5	Henry S White, Ltjg
 5	John H White, 1Lt USAAF
 5	David C Wilhelm, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Paul H Wilkins, 1Lt USAAF
 5	William F Wilson, Capt USAAF
 5	Russell D Williams, 1Lt USAAF
 5	Robert A Winston, LtCdr USN
 5	Ralph L Wire, Capt USAAF
 5	Lee V Wiseman, Maj USAAF
 5	John L Wolford, 1Lt USAAF
 5	George L Wrenn, Lt USN
 5	Max J Wright, Capt USAAF
 5	Vasseure F Wynn, Maj USAAF (incl 2.5 with RAF)
 5	Robert R Yaeger Jr, Capt USAAF
 5	Robert M York, Capt USAAF
 5	Michael R Yunck, Maj USMC


 4.5	Woodrow W Anderson, Capt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 4.5	Gail E Jacobson, 1Lt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 4	Donald E Adams, Maj USAAF (+ 6.5 in Korea)
 4	John W Andre, Lt USMC (+ 1 in Korea)
 4	Jogn C Conn, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 4	Kendall B Dowis, 1Lt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 4	John F Duncan, 1Lt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 4	Warren E Field, -- USAAF (+ 5.5 ground)
 4	Francis E Harrington, 1Lt USAAF (+ 8 ground)
 4	John H Kirk, 1Lt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 4	Howard J Price, -- USAF (+ 2 in Korea)
 4	Clyde B Slocumb Jr, Maj USAAF (+ 3 ground) --(>2?)

 3.5	Royal N Baker, Col USAF (+ 13 in Korea)
 3.5	Donald M Malmsten, Capt USAAF (+ 7 ground)
 3.5	Ray S Morris, 1Lt USAAF (+ 10 ground)
 3.5	Jack J Oberhansly, LtCol USAAF (+ 1.5 ground)
 3	Louis W Anderson Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 3	Thomas U Brink Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 3	Wallace D Cousins, Capt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 3	William E DiStefano, 1Lt USAAF (+ 2 ground)
 3	Claire A Duffie, Maj USAAF (+ 8.5 ground)
 3	Floyd Finberg, Maj USAAF (+ 11 ground)
 3	Keith G Lindell, Maj USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 3	Grant Mahoney, Maj USAAF* (+ 5 ground)
 3	Gerald E Montgomery, Maj USAAF (+ 14.5 ground)
 3	Norman F Niemeier Jr, 1Lt USAAF* (+ 3 ground)
 3	Thomas A Reynolds, Maj USAAF (+ 38.5 ground)
 3	Karl J Waldron, 1Lt USAAF (+ 7 ground)

 2.7	Walker L Boone, Maj USAAF (+ 12.1 ground)
 2.5	George I Ruddell, LtCol USAF (+ 8 in Korea)
 2.5	Joseph L Thury, LtCol USAAF (+ 25.5 ground)
 2	Robert E Brown, Capt USAAF (+ 13 ground)
 2	Charles E Cook Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 2	Richard D Creighton, Maj USAF (+ 5 in Korea)
 2	Chester N Denny, Capt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 2	John A Dunning, LtCol USAAF (+ 3 ground)
 2	James F Folmar, Capt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 2	Kenneth G Granger, -- USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 2	Joseph E Mellen, Capt USAAF (+ 8 ground)
 2	Randel L Murphy, 2Lt USAAF (+ 10 ground)
 2	Charles M Peal, Capt USAAF (+ 8 ground)
 2	Wesley D Pearson, 2Lt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 2	Robert E Reed, 1Lt USAAF (+ 14 ground)
 2	Paul H Swetland, 1Lt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 2	Wade H Terry Jr, 1Lt USAAF (+ 13 ground)
 2	Robert L Van Ausdell, Maj USAAF (+ 3 ground)

 1.5	Kirke B Everson Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 16 ground)
 1.5	James Jabara, Maj USAF (+ 15 in Korea - first jet ace)
 1.5	George T Koran, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 1.5	Archie A Tower, Maj USAAF (+ 18 ground)
 1	Stephen L Bettinger, Maj USAF (+ 5 in Korea)
 1	Ira A Binkley, 1Lt USAAF (+ 11 ground)
 1	John R Branz, Capt USAAF (+ 7 ground)
 1	Heston C Cole, 1Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 1	Harry R Corey, Capt USAAF (+ 11 ground)
 1	John W Honeycutt, 2Lt USAAF (+ 5 ground)
 1	James K Johnson, Col USAF (+ 10 in Korea)
 1	Martin H Johnson Jr, Capt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 1	Frank D Klump, Capt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 1	Roland J Lanoue, 1Lt USAAF (+ 11 ground)
 1	Hubert Loose, 1Lt USAAF (+ 6 ground)
 1	Conrad E Mattson, Capt USAF (+ 4 in Korea)
 1	Arthur B McCormick, Capt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 1	William H McKinney, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 1	Lester E Muenster, 1Lt USAAF (+ 9 ground)
 1	Thomas G Olson, 1Lt USAAF (+ 9.5 ground)
 1	John T Opsvig, 1Lt USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 1	Charles G Pattillo, 1Lt USAAF (+ 10 ground)
 1	Oliver Reynolds, -- USAAF (+ 4 ground)
 1	Robert D Wells, 1Lt USAAF (+ 9 ground)

 0.5	Oscar K Biggs, 1Lt USAAF (+ 11.5 ground)
 0	Harold W Burch, 1Lt USAAF (10 ground)
 0	Carl H Colleps, 1lt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	Charles Copenbarger, 1Lt USAAF (6 ground)
 0	Frank K Everest Jr, Capt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	Richard N Gustke, FO USAAF (10.5 ground)
 0	James B Harrison, 2Lt USAAF (7 ground)
 0	Melville W Hightshow, 1Lt USAAF (14.5 ground)
 0	Lauren A Howard, Capt USAAF (9 ground)
 0	Herbert G Kolb, Capt USAAF (14.5 ground)
 0	Silven E Kosa, 1Lt USAAF (7 ground)
 0	Nimrod W Long, 1Lt USAAF (6 ground)
 0	Joseph D McMullen, 1Lt USAAF (10 ground)
 0	Gerald J Miller, 2Lt USAAF (11 ground)
 0	John B Miller, 1Lt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	James T Moore, Capt USAAF (17 ground)
 0	Charles W Perelka, 1Lt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	J Edgar Ray, 2Lt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	Bobby J Spann, 1Lt USAAF (5 ground)
 0	David Stewart, 1LT USAAF (15 ground)

Research by Frank Olynyk offers these USN/USMC flyers as unrecorded aces:

John W Bartol		Oscar M Bate		Alfred G Bolduc
Gerald F Boyle		Robert B Carlson	Cyrus Chambers Jr
Leo M Ferko		John T Gildea		Lester E Gray Jr
William H Harris Jr	Horace W Heath		Carlos K Hildbrandt
Hollis H Hills		Bruce D Jaque		Delmar K Johnassen
Joseph Kaelin		Robert R Kincaid	James J Kinsella
Dean S Laird		Joseph P Lynch		John B Maas
Lewin A Mabarry		Thomas R Mahe		Edgar B McClure
Joseph D McGraw		Cleveland L Null	Donald C Owen
Elbert W Parrish	James G Percy		James E Schiller
Frank E Schneider	Vernon R Ude

(NOTE 1: This is a revised figure, up from 25.8, supplied by the Preddy Foundation, 5/6/06.)

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Five Down and Glory, Gene Gurney (Ballantine 1958)
— US Navy press release 1971
USN Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft in Air-to-Air Combat, WW2, Frank Olynyk (1982), (Naval Aviation News 1986)
USMC Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft in Air-to-Air Combat, WW2, Frank Olynyk (1982), (Naval Aviation News 1986)