Curtiss 10 - 1913 advertisement, aimed at the "he-man." (Click it bigger.)

Curtiss 11 - Curtiss-Sperry (E-boat) with Sperry Automatic Pilot in front.

Curtiss 12 - Curtiss 1912 at Keuka, model needs identification.
    This appears to be very similar to the one on page 153 of Joshua Stoff's "Picture History of Early Aviation, 1903-1913" book. His photo was taken at Lake Keuka, too, and he identifies the aircraft as a Curtiss Model E. (— Roy Nagl8/31/02)

Curtiss 12B - Same craft, captioned as Curtiss E, 1912. (2/1/03)

Curtiss 13 - 1917 General flying boat, close copy of Curtiss F.

Curtiss 14 - Striking view of the General's underside, so to say.

Curtiss 15 - Curtiss Judson triplane.

Curtiss 16 - Curtiss Crane, 26 Aug 1924.

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